Re-Use For Old Boots and Toys

I have a problem, I hate to throw things away.  Either stuff just sits around the house cluttering it up, or I do something with them.  What do you do with old rubber boots(wellies) and toy trucks that are holey or broken and can’t be given to charity?  My solution was to reuse them in the garden.

Annika has a nice pair of rubber boots that she loves but she has been wearing them for a year now and they have developed a leaky hole.  Not much fun when the purpose of rubber boots in the first place to keep your feet dry.   Yesterday we turned those beloved boots into a tiny flower garden.

First we added some rocks to the boots to weigh them down so they would not be top heavy.  We then added some potting soil and some nice little Nasturtiums.  One plant for each boots because these plants can get quite big.  Let your child pick a flowering plant, a head of lettuce, or even a pea plant.  This is supposed to be fun and quirky so let your creativity run wild.

We also have an old sand box style dump truck that is on it’s last legs which will be filled with dirt (maybe even the cab part) and planted with flowers to sit on our patio.  I only worry that Bryce might try to take it for a spin and dump everything out.  This may not belong in the classiest of gardens but it fits in a kids garden.  Always nice to turn potential garbage into a craft project.

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