Relaxing Times During a Hectic Day

After a hard day’s work it is really nice to sit down to a nice meal and slow down, relax, savour some good food, and maybe discuss the events of the day.  That is the way it used to work in our house but, like many other pre-kids occurrences, it has been turned completely upside down.

Dinnertime is anything but a relaxing time right now but I have found that I can unwind a bit by convincing Lisa that I should make dinner.  I will turn on some music, talk radio, or even watch a TV show online while I slowly chop, stir, and mix up dinner at a relaxing pace.  When dinner is ready to be served I will sit down, take a deep breath, do a little stretch and when I am ready I will call out ‘Dinner’s Ready!  From that point on it is a sprint and a battle until the kids are in bed.

The twins are now deep into their ‘terrible twos’ stage it all seems to build up to dinner time.  Every night we seem to get some or all of:

  • Daddy I wanted the blue plate
  • Daddy Bryce has my juice cup
  • Daddy my food is too hot
  • Daddy my food is too cold
  • Daddy my food is too spicy
  • Daddy I want to have some of your hot sauce
  • Daddy I want to eat your food
  • Daddy I don’t want to wear a bib
  • Daddy you forgot to roll-up my sleeves
  • Daddy can you cut up my food
  • Daddy you cut up my food too small
  • Daddy I want juice and not milk
  • Daddy that is the wrong juice
  • Daddy Bryce made a face at me
  • Daddy Jada threw her broccoli at me

This is just a sampling of what the twins would say to us if in fact they knew enough words to say those things.  They are still at the point where all of these demands come out as different pitches of ahhhhwaaaaeeeeeee.  Once we make it through dinner, wash hands and faces, have a little play, put on pyjamas, brush teeth, read books, and tuck them into bed, it is time to relax again.  I will often light a candle, put on some soft music, dim the lights, fill a sink full of hot dishwater, and do some dishes.  How times have changed.

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