Review of Summer on the Geocache Diet – Day 240

Dad and son swimming at a lakeIt is the start of the second week of school for Annika, the temperature is noticeably cooler, the days have gotten shorter, and well…what else can I say, summer is over for yet another year.  Spring has always been my favourite season but I always enter summer with more energy and enthusiasm than any other season.  I always want to do and accomplish so much each summer and every year it ends before I can take full advantage of the long warm summer days.  This year was kind of the same yet also a little different.  Again this year I had a long list of things I wanted to do but since then I have also realized that there is only so much I can accomplish in a few months with a young family.  Back in June I wrote Dream Routes for the Geocache Diet and I laid out three things I wanted to accomplish.  Let’s see how I did:

1)      Kayaking: Did I step into a Kayak this summer?  No

2)      Family Camping: Did I take the family camping this year?  Yes

3)      Backpacking: Did I spend at least one night camping in the backcountry on a hiking trip?  No

Only 1 out of 3…what a failure…right?  I would have liked to have gone kayaking and backpacking but I still call this summer a success, perhaps the most successful in a long time.  I did not get out on the water but I did spend a lot of time by the sea.  We took the family to the beach a lot plus I went on some great seaside walks.  I didn’t camp in the backcountry but I did walk each summer day (minus one crazy day) and I did some great long backcountry day hikes.  Maybe we did not take the kids on as many trips as I thought we would have, but the trips we did have were a lot of fun.  Lisa and the kids left camping season with the sense that they wanted to do more which is much better than feeling like we did too much camping.  This sets up very well for next year.   I also dove head first into a new project this summer which took a lot of my time but has also provided a lot of enjoyment.  The whole summer was successful from a family point of view.  We got outside, we simplified our activities, and just played outdoors.  We had a lot of visitors this year and we enjoyed showing people our piece of paradise.  Yes this was a good summer.

When we decided to change our lifestyle we kept saying that we wanted to simplify things and that really is what this summer was about.  I still want to do some more adventurous things in future summers but I have learned that I can also have fun in the backyard playing with the kids.  I will never stop dreaming of travel but a short camping trip across the island can also provide memories that will endure.  Yes it was a simple and enjoyable summer and the best news is that we can now have a whole new season to try and make the best that we can.

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