Saving Money at Thrift Stores

2006_0201(007)One thing I noticed when we moved to our new home town was the number of stores selling second hand goods. I love bargain hunting at thrift stores, I think it’s a hereditary trait handed down through the generations, so this was a nice bonus to find a smorgasbord of options in our new town. Martin often gives me a hard time about the amount of stuff I come home with, and I do have to catch myself sometimes, but I have also saved a lot of money buying practical kids stuff, among other treasures, at thrift stores.

In order not to get sidetracked (oh those are nice shoes) I try and go to the thrift stores with a list of stuff I need. If there is something you need right away and you cannot find it quickly at the thrift stores than it probably is not worth your time to keep looking and you might as well buy new. We buy a good portion of our family’s clothing at thrift stores as it is amazing how much nice stuff you can find if you know where to look. Some of the stores in town have pretty junky stuff or are overpriced so I now limit the trips to a select few of our favourites. Consignment stores will usually have a nicer selection, at higher prices, and can be a good place to look if you want something specifisecond hand clothesc. Many places, usually smaller consignment stores, will put you on list and will contact you if someone drops off an item you are looking for. If you are not in a rush and it is an expensive item to buy new than it can be a good service.

If you want to save some money on your clothes, especially for kids, than getting to know your thrift store is a good option. Give thrift stores a chance to get the things on your list, it cannot hurt and you may just save a pile of money and raise your spirits. Martin may not understand it but finding a great pair of shoes for $2 just makes me feel better. Then I can justify a four dollar cup of coffee to celebrate.

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  1. January 5, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Anyone who poopoos wearing or using items from thrift stores (or yard sales) is just being silly and wasteful. Finding the treasures in thrift stores requires investing a bit of time in the search, but really no more than the time spent walking from store to store at the mall…after walking a half-block from the closest parking spot! My kids always started school in looked-brand-new designer-label clothes that I got at yard sales in nice neighborhoods. They balked at first, but I reminded them that after the first washing, a “new” outfit is USED, and that unless their more affluent classmates had a new outfit for every day of the school year, by the second week, they were all wearing used clothes too.

    Thrft stores are THE place to shop for another reason: QUALITY. Someone else has paid full price for top-of-the-line items I couldn’t afford brand-new. My grandson’s $70-new play yard was $19 at one thift shop…his $50-retail walker was $5 at another, and both were in pristine condition. For years, I wore a wool dress and matching jacket from Nieman-Marcus that had been custom-made for someone exactly my size, but cost me all of $7. Thrift stores are where I go for small appliances – a 4-slice toaster for $2 worked perfectly for 8 years…7 years and 10 months longer than the $30 bought-new toaster it replaced!

  2. Kellie
    November 20, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    There are so many other awesome uses for thrift stores as well. I had a baby that could not handle wet wipes at all, very sensitive skin. I went to the thrift store looking specifically for some nice flannell sheets, and was able to cut them into squares and serge up a whole pile of (area specific) wash cloths.

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