Save Money by Cutting Hair at Home

Many will laugh, cringe, or even get cold sweats at the suggestion of saving money by cutting your families hair. If you can get past the chills then you will be able to save money, and it is not that hard.  Lisa has been cutting my hair for well over 12 years now and it saves us at least $150 a year.  She is the only one who has cut our kids hair and she plans on cutting their hair until she is no longer able to provide the ‘look’ they are after.IMGP0947

It started out on our 14-month backpacking honeymoon where she packed a $25 pair of haircutting scissors.  I can recall getting a haircut while sitting on picnic tables in various campgrounds, on a boat, and on a beach. This practice continued once we got home (not the beach part unfortunately) and has continued ever since. The only time I went to a salon was when Lisa was very pregnant with our twins and I was too afraid to ask for a favour and then put scissors in her hand. It cost me $20 for a 10 minute cut by a girl who would have rather been anywhere but in that salon with me.

The kids can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to settle down when cutting hair but there are many tools available in the house to draw their attention away from the haircut. We have resorted to playing a DVD of short cartoons on our laptop. I must admit Lisa is very good at cutting hair and she does enjoy it and is starting to try new styles. I would suggest giving it a try and see if it is better than the alternative for your family.

How much money can you save cutting your families hair? I figure for each of us Lisa saves us $150 a year for 2-3 hours of work. When you add up the four of us the total savings is $600 for around 12 hours of work. Now only if I could convince Lisa to let me cut her hair. She just gets cold sweats when I suggest it.

  2 comments for “Save Money by Cutting Hair at Home

  1. Kellie
    November 20, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    I’ve cut Doug’s hair for years. 1/4″ and a pair of clippers, not that hard LOL! There was a stage with J, where it was worth paying the money rather than doing it myself. Then I had to learn how to do a new look for him, as he hated the look I had been giving him. Much hilarity ensued when I looked it up on the internet, and went, humm, ya, why not. I still have the clippers if it comes to that! Unbelievably (thankful for thick hair) it looked fine. It’s worth trying, just for the joy of the unexpected.

  2. Paul & Janet, Campbell River
    October 28, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Jan has been trimming my beard for the last couple of years, too, Martin. Think she’s tired of me being mistaken for Father Christmas, in malls!~ 🙂

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