Should We Stop Eating Basa?

Lately we have been questioning our food choices.  It is widely advertised that eating fish is a part of a healthy diet and in our grocery stores one of the best deals on fish is Basa.  We have made the decision not to eat Basa (a type of Catfish) anymore.  We had already made the decision to not eat imported seafood, and only eat local fish, but this video on Basa from Vietnam does show where some of the mass produced & inexpensive seafood comes from.  Most of the Basa found in Canada comes from Vietnam and we will not feed this to our family anymore.  I found this propaganda video about US Farm Raised Catfish which is saying that their fish is so much better than fish from Asia, and they are probably correct, but is it really that good?

These videos are a bit dated but there is no indication that the practices have improved.  With the amount of fish stocks that have depleted and how much pollutants have entered our water system I question if we should stop eating seafood altogether.  We will continue to look for facts before we decide to take that action, but in the meantime we will only buy locally caught fish and seafood for our family.

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  1. erin
    July 27, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    wow – thanks for this, lisa! funny, but basa quickly became a huge fave for me within the past year and I was just telling a client to order it at a restaurant he was going to – who serve an excellent basa!

    we too will not be eating fish/seafood from afar!!!

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