Spring Activity Challenge- First Recap

Winter may have kicked us hard this year but we are slowly ‘springing’ back to life.  That was a horrible over used pun but I don’t care because I have sunshine giddiness (weeee).  The flu and colds are in the past and we are spending a lot more time outside.  We even had a picnic!

We have done a fair bit outside but we actually failed to knock too many challenge items off our list.  During the drive down to the grandparents during spring break we stopped at nice park and had our first picnic outside which was not planned at all.  We were still grumpy from our colds and we were not sure if we were really up to travel and stay away from home for a few days.  We had delayed this trip by 5 days until we started feeling better but we felt that we had to give the kids a change of pace.  On the day we drove down everything seemed to go well.  Everyone woke up feeling good and happy and everyone was very cooperative in getting ready and we actually left 45 minutes earlier than planned.  The drive was peaceful and quick and by the time we were hungry and ready for a stop we were only 45 minutes from our destination.  We could have thrown the kids a few snacks and pushed on but the sun was shining.  Fast food was not appealing so we quickly stopped into a grocery store for some picnic supplies and went to a nearby park and beach.  After lunch we noticed (would you look at that) that the park had a geocache nearby and 10 minutes later another challenge item was complete.

In that hour we did the only two challenge item in the first 10 days.  This does not mean that we have not done some great ‘springy’ stuff.  Our garden is getting cleaned up and we are spending a lot more time in playgrounds.  Saturday was perhaps the warmest yet but still not warm enough to go jacket free and certainly not warm enough for a water fight to Bryce’s disappointment.  Every time we go outside he finds a new way to return soaking wet and dirty.  He is certainly in the spirit of spring.

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