Summer Eating a New Challenge to the Geocache Diet – Day 134

389 Geocaches Found – 917 km on foot – 27 lbs lost!

We are almost ready for the lazy days of summer; a reward for hard work and suspect weather the rest of the year.  This is the time of long warm days, getting outside, enjoying life, and eating casually.  I have every plan to spend as much time as I can outside with my family this summer.  I will be hitting trails of course as I struggle along with the Geocache Diet but we will also be taking the kids to the beach, going camping, visiting local events and festivals,  and maybe pushing our barriers regarding what we can do with the kids (I want to get into a kayak somehow).    I have plans for some challenging hikes and maybe even an overnight hike or two without the family (still working on permission).  Our family will be pushing the limits of our schedule to be as active as we can this summer.  I have no doubts that this will be by far my most energetic summer in years.  What I am concerned about is the food.

As a child I used to spend all summer sailing and being active but I also enjoyed a very different menu from the rest of the year.  Our summer diet was based around freshly caught seafood but this was also the only time of the year that I was able to regularly eat cookies, potato chips, and even have a soft drink.  Nowadays when we host or go to BBQ’s or pot lucks similar summer casual food gets served which seems to fit the warm days perfectly but are not great for the Geocache diet.  There is usually an assortment of salads as well, and many are fantastic, but you have to weed your way past calorie rich potato and pasta salads to find a nice green salad.  I find it really hard to bypass the junk food buffet to just eat the one or two healthy options offered.

Most of the time however we will be preparing our own summer meals and we do have plenty of options.  Lisa has been working hard getting our garden productive and we hope to enjoy many easy veggie rich meals this summer.  Camping trips and picnics in the past have included a lot of not so good summer casual food so we will have to come up with better options.  We have to be organized and plan ahead for portable meals.  The other day, when the sun was actually shining, we decided we needed to get the kids to the park to burn off some energy and Lisa and I needed to get out of the house.  We were overdue for a grocery shop so we did not have many options at home.  We went to the grocery store on the way to a local park to find some picnic food.  There was a deal advertised for a whole roast chicken, two pre-made calorie rich salads, a baguette, and 2L of pop,  all for $10.  We gave in to this simple solution and ended up with enough food for dinner and lunch the next day.  Pretty good value for a family of 5 but these are not the meals that will let me succeed with my weight loss goals.

We want to do this type of evening a lot this summer.   Even though the dinner was not the greatest the kids loved playing in the playground before we wandered around the marina.  The kids got to run around with other children and we got to unwind and have meaningful conversations about nothing.  A silly diet is not going to stop us from enjoying these outings.  There must be better options for a healthy and easy picnic.  I am looking for suggestions for good casual meals for the whole family that can be eaten while out.  It takes us so long to get ready with the kids that incorporating meals with our outings just makes sense.

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