Summer Reading

We previously wrote the blog “Read to Your Kids Before Bed Everyday” and I thought this needed an update.

Annika "reading" to Jada, 2008

We still strongly believe in reading to you children everyday.  It takes some time to do but it is worth it, for the kids and youself.  We just signed Annika with the Vancouver Island Regional Library’s Summer Reading Club.  She is in the “read to me” group even though she can read a bit on her own.  Annika shares the reading duties with us when we sit down and read just before bed.  Check at your local library and see if they have a similar program as it can provide an added incentive get kids interested in reading daily.  The twins are getting more interested in stories and love books with playfull babies and animals.  Annika likes a large variety of stories but has also been really interested in non-fiction about the body, animals, and her favourite…bugs!  The summer reading club has given her a reason to browse at the library and find lots of different kinds of books and not the same ones day after day. Here are some new favorites in our home:

Recommended reading: By Bryce and Jada age 2.5yrs

Recommended reading: By Annika age 5.5yrs

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