Summer Visitors and the Geocache Diet – Day 208

We have been popular hosts this summer.  Now that we live on Vancouver Island, a simply splendid place to vacation, we have been getting quite a few visitors.  We are not complaining at all as we are pleased to see friends and family come for visits and I hope it continues.  It does play havoc with our schedule and it makes it more difficult to get some work done and exercise.

Normally I get up really early and get my exercise done before everyone is up but it can be very hard to go to bed early when the only time to socialize with the adults is after the kids go to bed.  There have been quite a few late nights and getting up early to walk just has not been happening.  I have been able to go out for short walks regularly and when I get the chance I will go for a really long walk to catch up.

I have been doing a lot better eating good meals even with the company.  The hardest part in summer is turning down high calorie beverages but since I do not drink alcohol I have years of training with turning down drinks.  On the hottest days I may have an ice cold drink of lemon-aid but I usually drink nothing but water.  Lisa is the socialiser so I take charge of the cooking and I have been making sure to cook healthy meals.

For whatever reason most of our guests decided to come in early August which has made the past two weeks extremely busy.  We have guests currently with another set arriving over the weekend leaving tentatively on Tuesday.  My plan is to sneak in as much exercise (and geocaching) as possible and then really get in some good hikes throughout the rest of the summer.  We have yet to do much in the way of travelling this summer but we have a number of smaller overnight trips planned.  It has been great to have visitors and to catch up with friends but it is time to hit the trail again and concentrate on burning some calories.  We will make sure we leave a lot of time to play with the kids as well.

I thought I would add a very quick and yummy salad.  A great avocado, tomato, and basil salad can be found at  Now I must get back to my guests as they are getting hungry.

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