Surviving Terrible Twos (Times Two)

We have a serious case of the terrible two blues.  Our inefficient, over sensitive, and emotionally fragile twins are taking over the house and it is starting to get out of hand.  Our older daughter, now 5, never really went through the terrible twos.  Sure there were some challenges but nothing like this.  The twins have now realized that they have some control over the situation and every situation they try to take control.  Annika at the age two had much better communication skills and could let us know what she wanted much better then Bryce and Jada can.  Add in the competitive factor since there are now 3 kids to fight over attention and toys and our patience is getting tested on a daily basis.

A while back I wrote The Inefficiency of Kids which talked about how long it took to do anything in our house.  Back then all I had to worry about getting the kids focussed on doing what I wanted them to do to get ready for an outing.  Now it seems everything comes with a fight.  Getting the twins dressed is a test in patience unlike anything I have ever experienced.  If I am trying to get them dressed then they scream out ‘MOMMY DO’ over and over.  If Lisa tries it is “DADDY DO’.  When the Grandparents were over it was ‘MAMA DO MAMA DO’ (for Grandma) which actually worked out well.  We also get ‘KAKA DO’ (for Annika) or ‘JAHDA DO’ & ‘BRISSY DO’ (Jada & Bryce), but this usually results in pants going over their head.  Eventually we have to fight through the fuss and get them dressed.   This happens all day long as they compete for our attention and try and to control every situation.

So what can we do about this?  We try to be as positive as possible and make the actions we want done as enjoyable as possible.  The good part is that our day is divided up so each of us only has a few hours at a time with being left alone with the kids.  I could just imagine how hard the days would be if one of us were out of the house each day at work.  One added benefit is that it seems like Annika is almost embarrassed of what the twins are doing that she is being far more corporative in doing what we ask of her.  I feel bad for her because it takes longer to get ready and do fun stuff plus it is starting to put Mommy & Daddy in bad moods.  I don’t know if there is much we can do other than work through this phase and hope that it ends soon.  Until that time I will be enjoying my long morning walks and Lisa will be relaxing in the evening having a bubble bath.

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