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Reduce News Intake and Save Time

We have made a lot of changes in the way we are living since this time last year and most of these changes have gone exactly as planned.  I did not, however,  expect to go from someone who tried hard to stay in touch with current events from around the world to stopping paying attention to most news altogether.  I decided that this… Read more →

Why Spend Too Much? Buy Used Kids Stuff

Picture this; A group of urban mamas slurping their latte’s with their kids sitting in their new top end stroller, wearing designer clothes, and playing with the latest toy that will double their IQ. I walk in with my garage sale stroller, with kids dressed in thrift store clothes, playing with hand-me-down toys. Oh the shame……. the embarrassment……..Ha Ha………….I spent… Read more →

Repairing Humpty Dumpty

ABC’s Sarah Collerton (link)  reports on the outcry of a  decision by a BBC children’s show to re-write the ending of Humpty Dumpty.  Apparently the kings horses and men did have the resources available to put our egg friend back together again.  For what ever reason I found this story (even though it really is a non-story) interesting and pretty silly.  I think kids are fine with learning that not… Read more →

Underwater Cabinet Meeting in the Maldives

BBC (link) reports on a publicity stunt by the government of the Maldives where they held a cabinet meeting underwater.  This was done to show the world how concerned they are in the Maldives of rising water levels due to global warning.  The highest point in the country, population 309,000, is only 2.3M (7.7 feet) above sea level.  This story can be a jumping… Read more →

Shark Sanctuary to be Created in Palau

The Associated Press, though MSNBC (link) reports on the tiny Micronesian country of Palau and their efforts to create a shark sanctuary within their territory.  This is a good article to discuss with kids the problems of illegal fishing, in this case sharks for shark fin soup.  Logistically it will be almost impossible to enforce without international assistance or a change… Read more →

Dust Storm in Australia

I was fascinated by the videos provided on the ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corporation) Site (link) and the photos on the BBC site (link).  These are stunning images of a dust storm that has blanketed the East Coast of New South Wales Cin Australia, including Sydney.  Natural events such as this dust storm are fascinating to kids, at least I would have been, and… Read more →

Discovering Turkmenistan

BBC News (link) gives a brief look into a country that many know little about.  When I was a kid I had this facination for remote and exotic places and I would love to learn about a place like Turkmenistan.  Just looking at places that are different than home can bring interest in learning about the world. Read more →