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I Need to Go Geocaching…Now

It has been 2 weeks since I finished the Geocache Diet and I have found a grand total of two geocaches since then.   I have found all of the caches near by and I have decided to stay close to home for a little while…but I really want to go out caching.  There have been some brand new caches published… Read more →

The Geocache Diet is Over

It was an amazing sight.  After a long and gruelling hike I zeroed into the final location.  I gazed around surveying the area with the precision of a bald eagle as I prioritized the all the logical hiding spots .  Jumping to action I raced through the obvious locations with no luck.  Oh, a tricky one eh?  You think you can… Read more →

Family Geocaching Milestone

We had some non-Christmas related fun the other day.  On one of my days out, the first one in a while, I had found enough caches to put the Familynavigation.com team at a total of 999 finds.  I really wanted to find more but I resisted and completed my hike stuck one shy of the millennium mark.  I thought it would… Read more →

Facing Nature on the Geocache Diet

A few notes and thoughts from the Geocache Diet Most of my hiking adventures have been in bear country.  Many of the caches I have found this year have logs from other cachers warning of bear sightings.  I have been on so many trails this year and yet I have only seen one bear while driving on a freeway on my way… Read more →