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A Typical Day on the Geocache Diet

So what is a typical day on the geocache diet?  This is a challenge after all and the best challenges always have crazy itineraries and require remarkable feats of will and desire.  My normal day goes something like: Wake up somewhere between 5am and 6am depending on how tired I was the night before Work in the office Have breakfast Look… Read more →

Father’s Day Take Two

Tuesday was our Father’s Day do-over and it went a lot better the second time around. I got to choose our activity on Father’s Day and it was no surprise to anyone that I chose to take the family geocaching.   I had the whole day arranged and it would start after breakfast for a morning walk and geocache hiding spree.  After an energetic walk… Read more →

Summary of the Geocache Diet To Date

We want to thank the fine folks at Groundspeak and Geocaching.com for featuring the Geocache Diet and FamilyNavigation.com as one of their Lost and Found stories.  For the benefit of those of you who are reading about the Geocache Diet for the first time, maybe have just finished watching our story on Geocaching.com, I thought I would provide a summary… Read more →