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My Natural Office

I wrote this other day while writing on the beach.  I just found it as I had forgotten about it.  It was simply describing my chosen office for that day.  Today I am out in the backyard under the shade of a cherry tree: I am on a beach.  Partly sandy, partly rocky, some seaweed lays about and the tide… Read more →

Tag-Team Irrational Kids

When Annika was two years old we learned that we would have better luck reasoning with a politician then her at that age.  Around the time she turned three she seemed to instantly gain some sort of conscience and we could usually come up with some sort of rational compromise.  That day cannot come soon enough with the twins.  I realize it is… Read more →

Family Travel Itinerary 2 – Buy RV and Camp

This is the second of four Fun Extended Family Travel Itineraries that are included on the blog Extended Family Travel – Fun Itineraries (go figure) The first trip we discussed, Lengthy Stays at Prime Destinations, had you choose a few destinations, rent accommodation and live a few months in each chosen locale.  Maybe you prefer to be a little more mobile… Read more →