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Terrible Twos Will Travel

Lately we have been talking a lot about the terrible twos since this life phase has been front and center in our daily lives.  First I wrote – Terrible twos times two – where we introduced the struggles and then Lisa wrote – Staying Calm and Low Stress – Ya Right – which looks at the emotional impact of dealing… Read more →

Learning to be a Camper

I have spent many nights camping in my lifetime but I have never really been a camper. I have always used camping just as an inexpensive form of accommodation. I have camped my way across Canada, throughout the Western United States, and our 14 month honeymoon included almost a year’s worth of sleeping in a tent.  All of this and… Read more →

Options for Independent Travel on your Resort Holiday

This is part four of four blogs discussing extending a package holiday to include independent family travel. Part one, Getting the Most of Your Package Holiday – With Kids, discussed the concept and gave reasons why to consider it. Part two, Puerto Vallarta with Kids – Exploring the Town and Surrounding Area, looked at the itinerary for our 2-week trip.  Part three, Cost… Read more →