Family Travel Itinerary 4 – Teach English Overseas

This is the fourth and final instalment in the extended family travel – fun Itineraries series.

The past three instalments have all been pure holidays where you save up for the trip before you go and live off your savings.  In all three scenarios however, the itineraries are flexible enough to incorporate some work here and there.  If you work for yourself, have the ability to work remotely, and can organize your business to allow for a modest amount of involvement on your part, then these holidays would be great to take your family on.  If you do not have that luxury and you are anxious to leave well before you have saved up enough to go without an income for the duration of your trip, then you may consider working overseas.  Depending on your qualifications you may be able to find work quite easily.  If you have a University degree, and you are proficient in the English language, you should be able to find a job teaching English.

There are opportunities to teach English all over the world although the number of available jobs, pay, and qualifications needed, vary from one country to another.  The two countries that have the most available positions are Korea and China.  Korean jobs are higher paying and usually require longer working hours than in China.  There are numerous jobs all over China and they tend to require around 15 – 25 teaching hours a week.  You will not get paid much compared to our standards (starting from $800 a month to around double that depending on qualifications and location) plus you also quite often receive accommodation, return flights (for teacher only), and sometimes food and Chinese language classes.  Since the cost of living is less you should live quite comfortably on that salary.  This is not going to provide you with much take home pay but it will give you a year living in a fascinating country, learning an important language in our new economy, and challenge yourself to teach English.  There are so many variables involved in finding the perfect job I would recommend doing a lot of research to make sure you are teaching in a town that you want to visit, working at a reputable school with good employers, and creating a situation for your family where they will have a good time as well.  Although most may have wonderful experiences there are still many who get themselves into undesirable situations.  If this type of adventure interests you then a great place to begin is Dave’s ESL Cafe.

If you can find a position that seems to fit your family then this can be a good break from your everyday routine.  Living and working in a country like China will give you a perspective that is impossible to obtain if you were simply to visit for a short period of time.  I chose China due to the abundance of opportunities, my desire to explore this country, but also due to the relatively low number of required teaching hours found in most contracts which gives you more time with your family and to explore your new surroundings.  We have been thinking of doing something like this for around 15 years now, and one of these days we may even do it.

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