The Day the Rainbow Came

I am now conviced more than ever that kids don’t need a lot the keep them amused.  Forget the TV, computer, or video games and give them something simple.  Today we had a beautiful visitor.  After cleaning the fish tank glass the sun was shining on it and when we walked into the living room there was a big rainbow on the floor.  Wow it really was something.  I jumped into action because I know that this glass and sunlight refraction effect would not last long.  Bryce was napping so me and the girls spent the next 1/2 an hour playing with it.  We saw how different things looked when we put them in the light like looking at the rainbow through our hair.  Of course, all this fun turned into a photo shoot with some pretty cool results.



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  1. January 13, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    I loved this story and the photo and continue to enjoy your blog. May you and your family have many more rainbow days!

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