Thoughts from the Geocache Diet – Day 295

More random thoughts and observations from the Geocache Diet.

  • I have two pairs of hiking boots, one for serious day hikes and walks in wet slippery conditions, and a lighter pair for shorter hikes and warmer days.  The geocache diet has not been kind to my boots and they are now both trashed.  It is getting harder to ignore as I now even dewy grass gets my feet wet.  The problem is that I like my boots.  They are both very comfortable and have become my friends and I also hate shoe shopping.  Both being beyond repair and almost useless in the wet fall weather I must think about the well being of my feet and buy some more boots.  So sad.
  • There is snow in them-thar-hills.  I guess I will have to wait for the thaw before I do any more mountain caching.
  • Even in the coniferous forests of Vancouver Island there are still a lot of falling leaves this time of year which do a very good job of covering up hiding places and geo-trails when geocaching.  I recently cached on some great hiking trails with easy hides most of the year.  In the drier, warmer months you can just follow the worn path to the cache and see the neatly placed piece of bark over the hole but right now all you see is freshly fallen leaves.
  • I find myself craving new caches around our home.  I have now found most of the caches in our area and I love seeing new caches being published.  There was a new one published 300m from home which was very exciting.  Five minutes later I had cache in hand, got a shared first-to-find, and started wishing for more new caches.  Note to local cachers…pleeeassse!!!
  • One nice thing about working at home:   You can eat all the garlic you want.  Mmmmm Hummus!!!
  • I had my first ever first-to-find on a puzzle cache and I am really proud of myself.  I am not quick on puzzles and this was no exception but I did prove that perseverance pays off (that and the fact that many of the local puzzle champions did not try for the FTF).  It was published in the morning and I found it just before sunset the next day with another cacher finding it an hour later.  The cache, Migraine Mania, involved solving 3 different puzzles before locating the final.  A lot of work went into this cache including all three hides.  I appreciate the time cachers take in hiding any cache but I also like to encourage these creative and well thought caches as they are the most enjoyable.  We need a variety of caches including these time consuming beauties.
  • After I found the puzzle cache I received a nice letter from the cache owner.  He wanted to know how I came up with the solution as he wanted to learn about different methods people used to solve the puzzles.  I was more than happy to write back as it is great to see so much enthusiasm with cache hiders.  There was an incredible amount of work put into this cache but unfortunately many cachers will not attempt it because it is too time consuming or daunting.  I enjoy going for a hike and picking up a few easy hides in between exercising but these ones are truly rewarding.   These are the caches that have me standing in the middle of the woods dancing and fist pumping.  I don’t think I have hi-fived so many trees in my life.

I am seriously going to do well on my challenge the next month.  November is going to be great, I promise.

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