We Followed the Path of Least Resistance – Time for a change

We figured that we may need a change so we attached dozens of wires to a FAT (Family Attitude Testing) machine to get a printout of all the things we need to change in our lives and it was astonishing.  It advised us to make changes to our working life, our activity level, our diet, our surroundings and pretty much everything else.  The only things we were allowed to keep from our current life included our minivan, a few of our friends and a pair of our most comfortable shoes.  OK……….so the only FAT machine in our house is the TV and its involvement in this process was just being turned off so we could talk.  There has been a lot of talking in our home lately and the list of everything we would like to change as we continue into parenthood is long.

Long lists can be scary and a bit depressing and our list has also caused some anxiety and a fair bit of confusion. Why is Martin coming home from a good job fatigued and grumpy?  Why are we being less active each year and are now completely out of shape?  Why are we being more negative which each other and worrying about silly little things?  These concerns, and others, have just slowly crept up on us and without noticing we were in a bit of a rut.  How did this happen?  We love life, are positive people, and have always been satisfied in our careers.  What it uncovered was that we haven’t created the best lifestyle for us to flourish.   Now that our family is complete we need to reverse the trends we are seeing to make sure we are giving ourselves the best environment to raise our family the way we want.

If we are going to succeed in obtaining the family lifestyle we want we have to be aware of why we ended up in a rut in the first place.   When we moved to a larger city it was like jumping into a river.  We just laid back and let the river take us where it was heading.  This path of least resistance was an easy choice for a young couple trying to settle down and create some net worth but it didn’t take us where we expected.  With three kids in tow we are now swimming ashore, drawing a map and ready are ready to navigate to where we want to go.

How corny and cliché can you get?  Oh just wait and see, we’ll top that for sure.  It may be cliché, but it is going to be fun!!

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