Utilizing Old Gardening Magazines

In early March we went to Victoria for spring break and it was beautiful.  We had a great time and after being around the all the nice flowers and gardens I started to get excited about planting our garden.  My Mother-in-law had been cleaning up her basement and found a whole bunch of old and new Gardening magazines that were offered to me.  When Martin saw me loading them into the van he just rolled his eyes and I could see that “you are collecting too much junk” look on his face.  I must say I haven’t read, or even looked at all of them, but the ones I have read have been a big help.  I have been learning about what to plant, when to plant, what plants go well together, composting tips, and how to mark your beds in the spring for planting bulbs in the fall.  I keep thinking “I have a lot more reading to do” as the pile just sits there and torments me.  I know it is full of all kinds of knowledge, I just don’t have the time to get to it all right now.

So my point to all this is; if you can get second hand magazines for anything, take them, and scan through them if you get a chance. You can always pass them on to a friend, use them for kids crafts, or just recycle them.  One thing about gardening magazines is that they don’t have a “fashion” that goes out of date.  If you learn the best techniques to grow pumpkins one year, those skills can still be valid for years to come.

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