We are NOT raising Princesses

“What are you doing?!!?”  I screamed to my parents as Annika opened ‘The Little Mermaid’ DVD one Christmas.  ‘This is a Princess movie you fools!!!’  OK, so I did not scream at my parents but I wanted to.  In hindsight I may have over-reacted a little as Annika has now watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ many times as well as ‘Cinderella, Aladdin, and many other ‘princess’ movies and I am happy to say that Annika is NOT a princess.

Alright I must admit that I do enjoy these movies myself but one of my biggest fears is for our daughters to become ‘Princesses’.  I know people have often criticized movie princesses for their unrealistic body image and that the girl only becomes whole once she finds their prince, but for me it is the ‘trying to be something I am not’ and the ‘I’m better than you’ attitude.  If there is one thing I would want from my daughters to be is real and to be happy about it.

I know I really have nothing to worry about and it is good to let you kids imagination take them away with whatever interests them.  One thing on their side is that their Mother is definitely not a princess.  You may think I just dug a hole with this comment but this is one of the few statements I make that I am actually safe with.  When we first had one of those ‘why do you love me’ conversations the first thing I said, and have repeated many times since, is that Lisa is ‘real’.  Lisa is very honest and she does not try and be something she is not, never has as long as I have known her.  This is a fantastic quality and one I would love to see in all of our children.

Would having our kids immersed in a make believe world where beauty rules, wealth is honoured, and image is everything, harm them.  In moderation I think it is OK and our kids will have it in moderation.  We will even let them dress up to fit the part once in a while but for the test of the time; lets go play outdoors.

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