We Celebrate Earth Hour

Saturday, March 27this Earth Hour and we will be joining in to cut our electrical consumption for an hour.  Last year we put the twins to bed and we read to Annika by candlelight.  Martin and I had a quiet dinner, also by candlelight, while we played some board games.  Two hours went by and we didn’t even realize it.  It was almost a shame to turn the lights on again so we waited until the next day.  If you’ve been reading our blogs you’ll know that this would be something right up our alley.  This is the kind of evening that we would like to implement more frequently while the kids are young.  When they are older it might be a bit harder, but I hope not.  These are examples of the concepts of living slow and reconnecting with the simple things that we are enjoying so much right now.  Not only does it help connect the family we can show our kids how small choices can make a difference for the environment and how these are the types of changes can be implemented into our daily lives.

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