What Has Happened on the Geocache Diet – Day 221

Where did we go?  It has been over a week since we wrote on FamilyNavigation.com.  Did we stop writing?  Did we finally crack?  Did we move to Namibia?  Surprisingly none of those are correct.  In fact we just took a little break and we may even take another one before the summer is done.  We did a little camping with the kids, visited grandparents, and have been working on our new venture (still won’t tell at this point).  We will be sporadic with our posts for the next couple of weeks before we settle into a regular routine again.  I thought I would summarize some of the fun geocache diet stuff of the past week or so.

I have done a fair bit of hiking and geocaching the past week.  Since we were out of my normal caching range while staying with my parents and camping there were a lot of caches to find so my hikes have been more productive.  I have picked through our area pretty good so it is fun to go hiking in a geocache rich area again.  The best day, caching wise, was just a couple days ago when I went caching at Horth Hill Park in Sidney BC.  I went caching for 2 hours and found 12 caches on a long walk and 3 others on shorter walks.  This is by far my best cache per hour ratio while on foot.  I was a machine on that day as I took less than 5 minutes on each cache to find it before trudging off to another cache.  There were a couple caches that other cachers could not find recently and I found in no time.  I was unstoppable.  I power walked my way all around that park from cache to cache and had a great time.  I returned from that outing all proud and boasting that I had obtained some special caching vision and caches were now jumping into my arms.  I came crashing back to earth on the next day’s hike while in a cache rich area I went 4 for 8 in the same amount of time.  Oh well, at least I had one day of glory.

Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa & Grandma & Grandpa, Lisa and I were able to have a day to ourselves.  We were out doing research for our new website (oooh a clue…maybe) but we also had a couple meals out and did a little caching.  We discovered a multicache that would take us all around where we wanted to explore so we decided to take the challenge.  This cache was very well done but it involved a fair bit of math which meant there were many places to make errors.  On the third stage I made such a mistake and ended up a very nice beach nowhere near the spot we were supposed to be.  Since we were meant to be beside a brick building and not a beach we realized that we must be in the wrong place and when I read the clue again I discovered my calculation error.  We still wanted to finish the cache but we are not ones to let a hidden beach discovery go to waste.  While Lisa was taking pictures I thought I would see if there happened to be any other caches close by.  I asked my GPSr for the closest cache and I was surprised to find out that I was standing 1 meter from one.  I looked around, saw a likely spot, reached under, and pulled out a cache.  Too easy … see caches are jumping into my arms.  We then got too distracted with the beach and ran out of time to complete the multicache.  Maybe next time.

That is enough rambling for now.  Have a look at some of these pictures of the places we went this week.  We are so lucky to live where we do and have so many great places to take the kids.  We have promised the kids more camping while the weather is good so that is something to look forward to.  We also have our local fair this weekend, a geocaching event to attend, and I am also planning a mountain hike.  The challenge will be to fit in all the work I have to do.  

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