What have we done!!!

Changing our Family Lifestyle All at Once.

Our backyard in Calgary
Our backyard in Calgary

Maybe we should have we been satisfied with what we had.  Many people strive for and are satisfied with the type of life we were leading.  We were living in a prosperous city, Dad worked at a stable job he was good at and could support Mom staying home with the 3 kids.  We owned our home and paying off the mortgage was only a matter of time.  What did we have to complain about?  Why would we throw this all away? 

Back when we were contemplating this change I wrote ‘We Followed the Path of Least Resistance – Time for a change’ which explains some of the feelings we had at the time.  We have 3 kids and, like all parents, we want to provide them the best environment possible.  For our family it meant many changes.  We decided to finally follow our dream of being self employed, move to a smaller town, and incorporate a greater amount of exercise and outdoor activities into our daily routine.  Some of the  side effects we hope result are; more time spent together as an entire family, an overall more positive outlook, and improving our fitness including significant weight-loss.  Four months later after that first blog we have moved to a new home in a smaller town on the coast of British Columbia and are now unemployed.  When you are a family of five and all three kids are under the age of five, that is a lot to do all at once.

In follow-up blogs I will get into more detail as to how we plan on making this happen without going broke, at least in the short term.  We have a plan in place that gives us two years to put some of the multiple ideas we have, including FamilyNavigation.com, into motion and to try to make enough income to live.  It is going to be long hard road, but we truly believe we can make this happen, and if we do, wow what a life we will be leading.

It was tempting to try and do this transition gradually, in fact it would have made a lot of sense.  We feared that if we did not jump head first into this new lifestyle it could take us too long to take the first few steps and we would lose our momentum.  As you probably know, when you have young kids, you do not always have a surplus of time and we did not like the idea of trying move forward on some small business ideas while still working full-time.  We wanted a change, and were feeling like we needed a change, and it would have been hard to continue with the life we had already decided that we did not want to lead any more.  We had to dive head first and not look back.   Now that we are in our new home, in a new home town and have taken some time to enjoy an incredible summer, we are charged up and ready to go.  We have pretty lofty dreams of how this is going to work and now we have a lot of work to do.  It will take time to see if we did this the right way but at this moment it sure seems right.Annika and her 1st fishFerry to Powell RiverB&J on a hike

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  1. Kent
    September 1, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Awesome work Martin.

    I will be an avid reader.

    God Bless,

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