Why Spend Too Much? Buy Used Kids Stuff

Picture this; A group of urban mamas slurping their latte’s with their kids sitting in their new top end stroller, wearing designer clothes, and playing with the latest toy that will double their IQ. I walk in with my garage sale stroller, withIMGP7361 kids dressed in thrift store clothes, playing with hand-me-down toys. Oh the shame……. the embarrassment……..Ha Ha………….I spent far less than they did……….silly urban mamas.

You can spend a lot of money buying stuff for your kids. Buying things like strollers, cribs, clothes, backyard equipment, sporting equipment, can all be very expensive when buying new. The good news is that there is a lot, I mean tonnes, of high quality barely used items out there that you can get for a great price, even free. We have two cribs (twins you know), both would cost around $250 new including the mattress and bedding and we spent $100 for one and the other we got for free. We have two very nice double strollers that new would cost well over $800 combined and we paid under $200 and they are just as functional, trendy even. We can go on and on like a $2 kids picnic table, excellent deals on barely worn clothes, and a free toddlers bed.

We have bought a few things new. It is recommended, for safety reasons, you buy car-seats new unless you are sure of the history (been in no accidents), so we did. There are also some great end of season sales and other promotions where you can get great deals with costs comparable to used, but generally most of the kids stuff in our house is second hand. If you walked into our house you probably would not know that most of the kid’s things were not bought new except for the fact that I would enthusiastically tell you. I am very proud of the deals that I have been able to find.

In follow-up blogs I will be discussing the various methods of finding these great deals on kid’s clothes and equipment.

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